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6 Popular Fish That Look Like Angelfish

6 Popular Fish That Look Like Angelfish

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So many people think that angelfish are the prettiest freshwater aquarium fish that you can buy. Even if you don’t think they’re the absolute prettiest, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

These are gorgeous fish that are very common. You’ll find angelfish being sold in many different pet stores and aquarium stores around the world.

If you love the look of the angelfish, then you might be interested in finding other fish that look similar. Are there fish that look like angelfish out there?

Read on to learn about other fish that resemble angelfish in certain ways. This should give you some other options to look into if you’d like to purchase some new fish that are similar to the angelfish that you already adore.

1 – Ram Cichlids

Ram Cichlid

Ram cichlids look a little bit like angelfish. Angelfish are considered to be cichlids as well, and these two fish can actually coexist in the same tank.

These fish are very striking to look at. When you’re looking for a fish that is similar to angelfish, it makes sense that you’ll want something with an appearance that stands out.

A ram cichlid is going to look very pretty in your aquarium. Many describe the ram cichlid as having a fierce look, but it’d be hard not to admit that it looks beautiful as well.

You shouldn’t have a hard time caring for a ram cichlid if you choose to purchase one. These fish aren’t difficult to take care of and they should work out pretty well for beginners.

It’s also nice that these fish aren’t that aggressive. They should be good additions to community tanks so long as you research compatibility ahead of time.

2 – Tetras

Skirt Tetra

Tetra fish are freshwater fish that are very popular. You’ll find many different types of tetras being sold in pet stores.

Some of the tetra fish on the market look similar to angelfish. One of the good options to consider will be skirt tetras.

They’re very pretty fish that should look fantastic in your new fish tank. You could also consider ember tetras if you need fish that will do well in a fairly small aquarium.

You’ll have plenty of different tetras that you can research to see what you might be interested in. There are so many types that you should be able to find one that will suit your sensibilities.

3 – Betta Fish

Male Betta Fish Swimming at Top of Planted Tank

Betta fish don’t necessarily look like dead wringers for angelfish, but they fill a similar niche in some ways. These fish are very pretty, and that makes them great additions to home aquariums.

They have gorgeous tails, and this helps them to stand out in any fish tank that they’re placed in. You’ll love watching these fish swim around in your fish tank.

If you’re just looking for other fish that look nice to put in your aquarium, then bettas should fit the bill nicely. They’re also generally regarded as decent beginner fish for newcomers to the hobby.

They aren’t high-maintenance fish despite looking like they would be super delicate. Of course, you do need to take care of them properly or they won’t stay alive for long in your tank.

You’ll need to keep an eye on water parameters, have a good filtration system in the tank, and use a heater to keep the water warm enough. They aren’t hard to feed, though, and you should have an easy enough time getting used to caring for these fish.

4 – Chili Rasbora

Chili Rasbora

Chili rasboras are another fish that don’t look exactly like angelfish. Why are they being mentioned then?

Well, they’re very colorful, and many people like angelfish because of how vibrant they are. It’s possible that you’re just looking for another colorful fish that will look awesome in your aquarium.

In that situation, these fish would not disappoint you. They’re supposed to be kept in fairly large schools, though.

You’re recommended to buy around twenty of them for your fish tank. If you like the look of this fish, then it could be a very good addition to your tank.

Just be sure to think about compatibility if you’re looking to add this fish to a community tank. These fish are somewhat small, and this means that they could get eaten by some fish that you might already have in the aquarium.

5 – Blackbanded Sunfish

Blackbanded sunfish can easily be mistaken for angelfish by those who aren’t in the know. When you glance at these fish, you’ll see that they have many similarities to the popular angelfish that you find in pet stores.

The overall shape of the blackbanded sunfish makes it look like an angelfish. It also has a very appealing look with its vertical black strip markings.

Another thing that they have in common with angelfish is that they’re easy to take care of. You should be able to keep these fish healthy even if you’re a novice so long as you put the effort in.

The only thing that you really need to be particular about is keeping the water clean. It’s recommended to change 30% of the water each week when you’re keeping these fish in your aquarium.

You’ll also do well to purchase a high-quality filter that will help with water cleanliness. These are excellent fish that you will very likely enjoy having in your fish tank.

6 – Threadfin Rainbowfish

Threadfin Rainbowfish

Perhaps you need fish that are going to be able to live in a small tank. Angelfish like to have more room and won’t be happy in 10-gallon tanks.

Threadfin rainbowfish are small and should be able to thrive in smaller tanks so long as they’re long enough. They have gorgeous long fins and they’re also pretty colorful.

In some ways, they look a little bit like angelfish. They’re much more delicate than angelfish, though.

These are very peaceful fish that won’t bother other fish. However, the peaceful nature of this fish can be a detriment in certain ways.

If you put them in a community tank with aggressive eaters, then they’ll likely have a hard time getting enough food. Also, they’re small enough that it can be dangerous to put them with many other popular fish.

There Are Many Different Types of Angelfish Too

Koi Angelfish Swimming in Planted Tank

Before you commit to getting fish that aren’t angelfish, it’s worth noting that there are many different types of angelfish to look into. You can find different angelfish that will have color variations, and some will even have different markings.

There are many different types of angelfish that could be worth purchasing. If you’ve been taking care of standard silver angelfish, then you might want to look into some angels that look a bit different.

You can buy zebra angelfish that have markings that make them look like zebras. There are also koi angelfish that have coloration that makes them appear to be similar to koi fish.

There are golden angelfish and even black angelfish. Truly, there are so many different types of angelfish that you could be happy just buying those for your fish tanks.

Angelfish are so popular that they have been bred to have different colors and markings. You can find a large number of different variations of freshwater angelfish being sold online.

There are also legitimate different species of angelfish that you can look into. For example, you might be interested in looking into saltwater angelfish if you have a bit of experience.

Caring for saltwater tanks can be a lot tougher than maintaining a freshwater tank. Regardless, this could be fun for you if you’re ready for the responsibility.

Just take a bit of time to look into the various angelfish options so that you can make a decision. There are plenty of fish besides angelfish out there for you to consider, but some people just wind up gravitating toward the angelfish because they truly enjoy how they look and how easy they are to care for.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of different fish out there that you might be interested in taking care of. If you want to find some aesthetically pleasing new fish to put in a fish tank, then you’ll be pleased with the options presented above.

Finding fish that resemble angelfish in certain ways will be satisfying. Blackbanded sunfish look a lot like angelfish, and they’re also pretty easy to care for if you keep the water in the fish tank clean.

Many types of tetra fish look like angelfish, and they’re considered to be incredibly pretty. Skirt tetras might be the best option when you’re looking for something that looks very much like angelfish.

There are also colorful fish that don’t necessarily resemble angelfish that much. Chili rasboras are fish that should be kept in schools of twenty, and they look incredible in many different aquarium settings.

You just need to determine which fish are going to appeal to you the most. Consider your situation and you should be able to find fish that will fit perfectly with your needs.

If all else fails, then you can just look into different angelfish options. There are plenty of other angelfish types out there that you might find yourself interested in.

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