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Why Is My Hatchetfish Jumping? (And How to Stop It)

Why Is My Hatchetfish Jumping? (And How to Stop It)

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Hatchetfish are great and you’re going to love watching them in your tank. They’re not the most active fish around, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not entertaining.

Many people love the unique flat look that these fish have. They’re fish that are becoming more and more popular as community fish.

You might have recently purchased some hatchetfish from the aquarium store. If your fish have been jumping you’re likely quite concerned.

What makes hatchetfish want to jump out of the tank? Is this a sign that you’re doing something wrong?

Continue reading to learn about hatchetfish and why they jump in fish tanks. You’ll know what you need to do to protect the fish after reading everything.

Will Hatchetfish Jump Out of a Tank?

Yes, hatchetfish are known to jump out of fish tanks. It isn’t unusual to see these fish jump out of tanks so you’ll want to be prepared for it.

Many fish owners get frustrated when this happens. One of your fish could jump out of the tank and wind up dying.

Sadly, this happens a lot when owners don’t keep lids on the tank. If your fish jumps out of the tank, the fish will likely die.

Even if you put the fish back in the tank fast it might die due to getting injured in the fall. It’s not a good situation and it’s something that you want to avoid if possible.

Why Do Hatchetfish Jump?

Now that you know that hatchetfish will jump out of a tank you’re going to want to know why they jump. What causes these fish to jump?

There are a few reasons why these fish might jump out of a fish tank. Often, they will choose to jump out of a tank when there are problems with the water quality.

You should check the water parameters to see if they’re where they need to be. If they’re not, you might need to make some adjustments to protect your fish.

When the water gets too dirty it’ll negatively impact all of the fish in the tank. Hatchetfish are a bit sensitive to water quality issues.

If the pH balance isn’t right, it’ll stress the fish and potentially cause them to want to jump. Likewise, issues with the water temperature might make these fish jump.

Another potential cause of jumping has to do with bullying. Hatchetfish are commonly kept in community fish tanks.

They do great in community aquariums, but you need to keep them with compatible tank mates. If you put them in a tank with aggressive fish that will bully them it won’t go well.

These fish might get bullied by their tank mates and will choose to jump to try to escape. You should avoid situations like this by researching tank mates ahead of time to ensure compatibility.

It’s also true that hatchetfish jump normally. In the wild, these fish will sometimes feed on the surface of the water and will catch insects.

So jumping is an action that is common for these fish. It isn’t always related to something being wrong in the tank, but it could indicate that there’s a problem.

Do Hatchetfish Fly?

Yes, hatchetfish are considered to be flying fish. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they take flight like birds.

Hatchetfish are capable of jumping out of the water. They have pectoral fins that act much like wings.

These fish are great at taking to the air in the wild. They can jump to catch insects and they’ll also jump in an attempt to escape predators in the water.

So this flying ability is something that the fish still have when being kept in fish tanks. You need to understand how capable these fish are as jumpers.

Always Keep a Lid on the Tank

If you want to keep these fish safe in your aquarium, it’s important to keep a lid on the tank. When there isn’t a lid on the tank, the fish are simply going to keep jumping out of the tank.

You must make sure that your aquarium has a tight-fitting lid. Otherwise, you’ll keep losing fish as they jump out of the tank and die.

Ideally, you don’t want the lid to have large openings. Many enthusiasts recommend using hang-on filters to avoid having to use lids with holes that allow for filter access.

When setting up a hatchetfish tank this is something that you must keep in mind. It’s important for the safety of the fish.

You can’t keep these fish in a tank that doesn’t have a lid. Jumping is ingrained in these fish and you can’t keep them from doing it.

While it’s true that jumping can occur in response to negative things, it can also happen when nothing is wrong. Make sure that you buy a good tank for your lid so things can go smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that hatchetfish are known to be jumpers. It’s not wise to keep these fish in tanks that don’t have tight-fitting lids.

They will jump out of the aquarium and wind up getting themselves killed. This is easily avoidable, but many fish tank owners don’t realize the importance of having a lid on the tank.

Hatchetfish will sometimes be more likely to jump when there are water quality issues in the tank. The same can be said for problems with bullying.

In the wild, these fish jump in the air to try to escape predators. So it makes sense that they might do the same thing in a fish tank when possible.

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