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The Best (And Worst) Hatchetfish Tank Mates

The Best (And Worst) Hatchetfish Tank Mates

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You’ve likely heard that hatchetfish are great community tank fish. Many people buy these fish since they have a reputation for being among the best surface-feeding community fish.

Of course, the fact that these fish are so peaceful means that you must be careful. Hatchetfish are vulnerable to getting bullied in community tanks when you don’t plan things out well.

It’s imperative to pick compatible tank mates so all of the fish will remain safe. Luckily, there are many great options for hatchetfish.

Below, you’ll read about many of the best tank mates for hatchetfish. This will help you to make good choices when setting up your community aquarium.

Can You Keep Shrimp with Hatchetfish?

Yes, some types of shrimp can be kept with hatchetfish. Hatchetfish love to eat shrimp, and it’s common for people to give them brine shrimp.

However, hatchetfish are fairly small and they don’t have very big mouths. This means that they can’t eat many types of shrimp that grow to be too large.

So it’s not unusual for shrimp to be kept in community tanks with hatchetfish. Just keep in mind that shrimp babies can and will be eaten by hatchetfish.

This is true for pretty much any carnivorous or omnivorous fish, though. So it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to pursue keeping shrimp in the community tank with hatchetfish or not.

Can Angelfish Live with Hatchetfish?

Some types of hatchetfish can live with angelfish. You need to use hatchetfish that are close to the same size as the angelfish.

This can be somewhat of a risky pairing since angelfish are known for being semi-aggressive fish. Even so, many community tank owners have said that this works out fine.

Keeping common hatchetfish with angelfish is likely going to work out okay. You must keep the hatchetfish in appropriate numbers, and the tank needs to be large enough to comfortably accommodate all of the fish.

So long as you plan ahead, everything is likely going to be fine. It won’t work out if you use small hatchetfish such as pygmy hatchetfish, though.

Can Hatchetfish Live with Cory Catfish?

Cory catfish are some of the best community fish that you can buy. These fish are popular in many different community aquarium configurations.

If hatchetfish are among the best surface-dwelling community fish, you can say that cory catfish are among the best bottom-dwelling community fish. Cory cats are peaceful fish that mind their own business in the tank.

You can easily keep several cory catfish in the tank with your hatchetfish. They even help with cleaning the tank a little bit, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to do water changes or handle tank maintenance.

You’ll be pleased if you choose to buy cory catfish. They’re great community fish that will get along well with hatchetfish.

Can They Live with Rasboras?

Rasboras are peaceful fish that need to be kept in groups as well. It’s common for people to keep rasboras in community tanks.

They can work out nicely as tank mates for hatchetfish. Just be sure that the tank has enough room and that you choose good fish that are the right size.

Chili rasboras are small and are among the best hatchetfish tank mates. You’ll have a good time keeping these fish in tanks with hatchetfish.

It also helps that rasboras are so easy to care for overall. You’ll love having these fish in your aquarium.

Are Barbs an Option?

There are many types of barb fish out there that you might be interested in. One barb fish type that can work nicely as a tank mate for hatchetfish is the cherry barb.

Cherry barbs are good tank mates that won’t bother the hatchetfish. They look amazing, and you’ll be pleased with how they interact with the other fish in the community tank.

It’s a safe bet to buy cherry barbs for your community tank. You won’t have a tough time getting good results when you go this route.

Many people love cherry barbs because they look so beautiful. They’ll add aesthetic appeal to the tank, and they’ll get along fine with other fish.

Can Hatchetfish Live with Guppies?

Guppies can live with hatchetfish as well. You won’t need to worry about the guppies or hatchetfish bothering each other.

If guppies breed in the tank, the hatchetfish might eat the eggs or the babies. This isn’t a problem that is worth worrying about, though.

Many people choose to keep guppies in the same tank as hatchetfish. It can work out nicely, and guppies are certainly easy fish to add to a community aquarium.

Can They Live with Dwarf Gouramis?

Dwarf gouramis are another type of fish that can work out. You can rely on dwarf gouramis to be safe tank mates for hatchetfish.

These fish are the right size to be good tank mates that won’t harm the hatchetfish. The dwarf gouramis shouldn’t stress the other fish, and everything will be okay.

It’s easy to see why dwarf gouramis are so appealing. They’re pretty fish that add a substantial amount of charm to any community aquarium.

Can They Live with Bristlenose Plecos?

Bristlenose plecos are bottom-dwelling fish, much like cory catfish. They also have a great reputation as community fish.

They’re peaceful fish that will eat a little bit of algae in the tank. So they’re amazing fish to keep in your aquarium.

You can rely on bristlenose plecos to be fun fish for the tank that won’t cause problems. Your hatchetfish won’t occupy the same part of the tank as the plecos, but they wouldn’t bother them even if they did.

What About Tetras?

Tetras can be kept with hatchetfish in community tanks, too. There are many types of tetras out there, and many can work out nicely in community tanks with hatchetfish.

Simply pick tetras that are close to the same size as the hatchetfish that you own. This should allow you to enjoy good results.

It’s great to keep tetras in your fish tank since they can add a lot of color. Many tetras are truly gorgeous, and you’ll be glad to own them.

Take your time to find the perfect tetras for your community aquarium. It’s good to know that they’re peaceful and won’t bother the hatchetfish.

Can They Live with Dwarf Otocinclus?

Dwarf otocinclus catfish can also work out well. These fish aren’t super big, and they occupy a different part of the tank.

Also, dwarf otos are peaceful fish that won’t fight or bother other fish in the tank. They’re not going to chase or even interact with the hatchetfish.

The dwarf otos will simply hang out at the bottom of the tank and do their thing. You can choose to go with dwarf otos in lieu of bristlenose plecos or cory catfish.

It all comes down to which bottom-dwelling community fish appeal to you the most. All three bottom-dwellers that you’ve been presented with are great for different reasons.

What Are the Best and Worst Tank Mates?

You’ve learned about so many excellent tank mates for hatchetfish. The best options include cory catfish, guppies, tetras, bristlenose plecos, dwarf otocinclus catfish, chili rasboras, and cherry barbs.

There are some fish that can work, but they might not be the best. Angelfish fall under this category, but many people say that angelfish are okay so long as they’re close to the same size as the hatchetfish in question.

Poor options include other types of cichlids since they might chase your hatchetfish. Cichlids are known to cause hatchetfish to start jumping, and this can potentially become disastrous.

Another bad choice will be other surface-dwellers such as killifish. They won’t work out as tank mates for hatchetfish, so you’re better off choosing other fish.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you’ll want to keep hatchetfish in a community fish tank. They’re truly great community fish, but you need to protect them by picking good tank mates.

You’ve been given many amazing options to choose from. These fish can get along great with many popular community fish, such as tetras, guppies, dwarf gouramis, and chili rasboras.

Keeping them in tanks with peaceful bottom-dwellers such as cory catfish, bristlenose plecos, and dwarf otocinclus catfish will work out nicely, too.

Just avoid aggressive fish and other surface-dwellers such as killifish. So long as you make good choices, it’ll be easy to keep these fish safe in your tank.

Keeping hatchetfish in a community tank is easy, but you do need to ensure that you keep the water clean. Also, make sure that you keep six or more hatchetfish in the tank so they will feel secure.

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