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Why Is My Tiger Barb Head Standing? (4 Possible Causes)

Why Is My Tiger Barb Head Standing? (4 Possible Causes)

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Tiger barbs are some of the most popular freshwater fish for beginners. They’re really good fish to buy because they’re easy to find and they don’t cost a lot of cash.

Also, they’re simple to care for even if you’re a bit of a novice. Getting these fish to thrive in your fish tank won’t be all that difficult.

You might be worried about whether you’re doing a good job if you notice certain things, though. For example, you might see your tiger barb head standing in the tank.

What does it mean when you see the tiger barb doing this? Is this an indication that something is wrong?

Continue reading to learn about this topic. You’ll have a much better idea of what’s happening after getting all of the information.

1 – It Could Be That the Current Is Too Strong

Typically, head standing is something that tiger barbs will do when the water flow is a bit too strong. If the tank has a strong current, you’ll likely see the tiger barbs swimming while pointing down.

These fish aren’t used to living in environments with strong currents. It’s more common for them to live in places with a medium current.

You might want to consider changing the conditions in the tank. The tiger barbs will have a much easier time if you change the current to a medium strength one.

Keep the current in mind when you’re setting up a fish tank. You want the current to be compatible with the fish that you have in the tank.

Some fish aren’t strong enough swimmers to handle a very strong current. Tiger barbs can get by, but you might notice them swimming vertically to cope.

2 – Too Much Dry Food

Tiger Barb Near Bottom of Tank

Oddly enough, some people associate giving tiger barbs too much dry food with head standing. Have you been feeding the tiger barbs more dry food than usual as of late?

If so, this could be causing them to head stand more than normal. You might want to try to vary the diet of the fish more.

Tiger barbs are omnivores that aren’t picky eaters. You should be able to give them all sorts of different foods.

It’s better to vary the diet of the fish to give them the right nutrients. You can feed them fish flakes quite often, but it’ll also be good to give them meaty foods such as frozen brine shrimp, beef hearts, and bloodworms from time to time.

Many enthusiasts also give the fish cooked veggies occasionally. See if mixing the diet of the fish up a bit changes things for the better.

3 – Sleeping

It’s pretty normal for these fish to line up vertically when they’re sleeping. They sleep at night and they usually do so in a group.

Tiger barbs are schooling fish that should be kept in groups of six or more. They do best when kept in these somewhat larger groups.

When you have a school of tiger barbs in the tank, they will often sleep together. They line up vertically in a head standing position.

Typically, they will sleep near or directly in the aquatic plants that you have in the tank. This is why it’s important to keep plants in the tank for these fish.

Tiger barbs like to feel as if they can hide a bit when they’re sleeping. It makes them feel safer.

Don’t worry about the head standing when they’re sleeping since it’s totally normal. It’s not anything that you need to worry about.

4 – Glass Surfing

Tiger Barb Swimming Downward

Glass surfing is something that fish will do when they are very stressed. You could be mistaking the glass surfing action for head standing.

Head standing is a term that refers to fish swimming vertically instead of horizontally. Glass surfing is when fish swim up and down the glass of the tank.

When fish are glass surfing, they might swim with their noses pointing down. They’re looking for a way out of the tank due to being dissatisfied with things.

Tiger barbs might become stressed if the conditions of the tank aren’t good. The water might be dirty or you might be keeping the fish in a tank that is too small.

It’d be wise to check the water parameters if you see the fish acting strangely like this. You will need to fix things to get the fish back to normal.

If you ignore this behavior, the tiger barbs might wind up getting sick. Stress issues make fish more susceptible to illnesses.

Pay Attention to Tank Maintenance

Pay attention to tank maintenance when caring for these fish. They might be hardy fish, but they still need to be cared for properly.

Do your best to maintain the right water parameters. Tiger barbs like water temperatures between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 78 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

The pH balance should remain between 6.0 and 8.0. The best pH balance setting is 6.5 if you can try to keep it at that number.

Be sure to clean the tank regularly for the fish, too. You’ll want to do regular water changes to keep the water clean and safe for the fish.

When you notice unusual behavior, it’s wise to check the conditions in the tank. Perhaps you got too relaxed and forgot to clean the tank as much as you should.

Elevated ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels can make it hard for fish to live properly. Solve issues like this to try to get things back to normal.

Final Thoughts

Head standing might not be anything that you need to worry about. Tiger barbs do this when they’re sleeping at night.

They line up vertically and sleep near aquatic plants in a group. They’re incredibly light sleepers, too.

Sometimes fish will swim vertically when the current is too strong. The current in the fish tank might be a bit stronger than the tiger barbs would like it to be.

It’s also possible that the fish might be stressed. Perhaps they’re glass surfing to try to find a way out.

Check the conditions of the tank and ensure that all is well. Solve any problems to ensure that the tiger barbs will be fine.

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