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How Do Tiger Barbs Sleep?

How Do Tiger Barbs Sleep?

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Keeping tiger barbs in your home aquarium has the potential to be very satisfying. These fish are pretty popular because they’re easy to take care of.

They have a good reputation for being hardy fish that beginners can learn how to keep in their fish tanks. Tiger barbs aren’t complicated fish by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, you’ll still do well to learn as much as you can about them if you’ve recently bought some. You want to know all about them so you’ll understand what to expect.

Are you curious about how tiger barbs sleep? Read on to learn about these fish and how they sleep so that you’ll know what they’re going to do in your fish tank.

Are Tiger Barbs Nocturnal?

No, tiger barbs are not nocturnal fish. These are diurnal fish that are going to be active during the day and sleep at night.

Pretty much all fish are going to sleep at certain points in time. Some people argue the semantics of whether fish truly sleep or not.

Whether you call it sleeping or resting, it’s clear that the fish have down periods where they try to regain energy. During the night, it’s normal for tiger barbs to sleep.

You might not notice your tiger barbs sleeping since they usually do so at night. Unless you try to observe them during the night, you might not see them sleeping.

How Do These Fish Sleep?

Tiger Barbs with Noses Pointed Down

Tiger barbs sleep by lining up vertically. These are schooling fish and they like to stick together.

It’s generally recommended to keep tiger barbs in groups of six or more. This is the optimal situation when you’re keeping these fish in your aquarium.

When these fish are kept in groups, they’ll form vertical lines and sleep. Generally, the fish sleep with their noses pointed down.

It’s also common for these fish to sleep near or inside plants. Assuming that you have live plants in the tank, they will wind up being popular sleeping spots for the fish.

You should keep plants in the fish tank since your tiger barbs will like them so much. These fish really enjoy having plants for sleeping purposes.

Why Do Fish Sleep?

Fish rest to regain energy or conserve energy. Fish will find safe spots where they can rest and then enter a “sleep state.”

Although fish don’t sleep the same way that mammals do, they still need to rest from time to time. During this time, fish will reduce both their activity and metabolism.

One thing to know about fish when they’re sleeping is that they remain alert. Fish are able to spring to action at a moment’s notice.

This is because they need to remain alert to run from predators in the wild. They still have the same instincts in a fish tank setting.

The tiger barbs will sleep in vertical lines with the rest of the school. They find the plants to be safe since they provide some level of cover.

You might notice that if you walk by the fish tank or get close to it, the tiger barbs will wake up. They’re very “light sleepers,” so to speak.

Turn the Light Off at Night

A Tiger Barb in a Dark Tank

You’re going to have a light on the tank for the fish. It’s normal to have this light on during the day, but you don’t want to keep it on all the time.

If you keep the light on at night, it’ll bother the tiger barbs. The fish tank light could keep them from being able to sleep normally.

Always remember to shut the fish tank lights off in the evening. This will ensure that the tiger barbs can keep their normal sleep schedules.

So long as you’re keeping a typical schedule while caring for your fish, this will be easy to remember. Turning the lights off for the fish will become a normal part of your routine.

Can Tiger Barbs Live in Community Fish Tanks?

Tiger barbs can live in community fish tanks, but you need to pick compatible tank mates for them. You want to pick fish that won’t bother them.

You might think that fish that are up during the night would be bad choices for tank mates. This isn’t necessarily true.

Many types of catfish can be good tank mates for tiger barbs. Catfish are generally nocturnal, but they won’t bother sleeping tiger barbs.

Other good options for tiger barb tank mates include platy fish and danios fish. Pick appropriate tank mates and things will go fine.

Tiger barbs are fin nippers, but those tendencies will be mitigated when you keep them in schools of six or more. They will pretty much just fight with each other to establish dominance and leave their tank mates alone.

Final Thoughts

Tiger barbs do indeed sleep at night. They sleep in vertical lines with their noses pointed down.

Generally, they like to sleep near or inside of aquatic plants. They do this because they feel that it helps to hide them.

Having aquatic plants in the tank will be important when you have tiger barbs. They need to be able to feel like they have good sleeping spots to be comfortable in the tank.

It’s also important to keep them in large enough groups. These fish are most comfortable when kept in groups of six or more.

They sleep during the night and rest up. During this time, the fish are still very alert, and you might notice them waking up if you happen to walk by the tank.

You should always shut the fish tank lights off for the tiger barbs. Leaving the lights on accidentally will negatively impact their ability to sleep.

So long as you keep this information in mind, it should be easy to care for tiger barbs. They’re easy fish to keep healthy and you’ll enjoy having them in your home.

If any of your friends have been wondering about how these fish sleep, you can tell them. Let them know what you learned today so that they will have a better idea of what to expect when buying these popular fish.

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