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How Much Do Cherry Shrimp Cost To Own?

How Much Do Cherry Shrimp Cost To Own?

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There are several reasons why cherry shrimp make for fantastic pets and an ideal tank cleaning crew.

Not only do they add a unique pop of color to any aquarium thanks to their vibrant shades, but they’re also super easy to care for.

They’re not picky about food and their optimal water conditions are far from a hassle.

Additionally, cherry shrimp are peaceful tank mates who’ll get along with pretty much any fish you room them with.

With so many advantages to offer, you’re probably wondering “how much do cherry shrimp cost to own?”, “are cherry shrimp expensive”, and “where can you get cherry shrimp?”

Today’s article answers all these questions and more, so keep reading to learn about the budget required to buy and keep this fascinating shrimp breed!

What Are the Basics of Cherry Shrimp Grades and Types?

There are 7 different grades of cherry shrimp available on the market. This classification is based on the intensity of the shrimp color.

A couple of other points you should be familiar with regarding the grade and type of cherry shrimp include:

The redder the shrimp, the higher its grade

The grading system of any shrimp breed almost always depends on coloration. More specifically, the degree of presence or depth of the color.

In the case of cherry shrimp, the color we look at is red.

So, the more intense the red color of a cherry shrimp, the higher its grade is going to be. Also, the higher the grade of a cherry shrimp breed, the better the quality.

Additionally, you should know that cherry shrimp of higher grades will have less translucent spots across their bodies. In other words, higher-graded shrimps possess more opaque bodies.

Males and females don’t have the same grade

The sex of a cherry shrimp doesn’t just affect its size, but it also has an impact on the coloring of the shrimp and -consequently- its price.

Female cherry shrimp are typically more expensive because they’re larger and tend to show a more intense red color compared to male cherry shrimp.

As such, female cherry shrimp are often classified as belonging to higher grades than their male counterparts.

What Is the Price of Cherry Shrimp?

Now that you’re familiar with the grading system of cherry shrimp, let’s take a closer look at the cost of each one:

1 – Typical red cherry shrimp

This is your run-of-the-mill cherry shrimp with the poorest red coloration and the lowest grade.

It pretty much has no red on its body (just a few faint red splotches, if any), mostly showing a transparent or opaque appearance.

  • The average price per piece of typical red cherry shrimp is $2.5 to $3.

2 – Sakura

This grade of cherry shrimp has more red spots across the body with a deeper intensity.

While it’s redder than regular red cherry shrimp, sakura cherry shrimp still has translucent or opaque patches all over.

  • The average price per piece of sakura cherry shrimp is $3 to $3.5.

3 – Higher grade sakura

Compared to basic sakura cherry shrimp, higher-grade sakura has a more significant presence of red.

The color is also more vibrant (sometimes with an orange hue) and covers almost all of the body.

  • The average price per piece of higher-grade sakura cherry shrimp is $3 to $4.

4 – Red fire

The red fire cherry shrimp has a completely red body with no transparent or opaque discolored patches.

The shade of red in this grade is very bright and intense, often even more vibrant in females than in males.

  • The average price per piece of red fire cherry shrimp is $3.5 to $6.

5 – Painted red fire

The painted red fire cherry shrimp will undoubtedly catch your eye with its fiery, vibrant coloration.

Its all-red body with no transparent spots whatsoever is highly sought after because it brilliantly stands out in any aquarium. However, this grade can be pretty rare to come across.

  • The average price per piece of painted red fire cherry shrimp is $5 to $7.

6 – Bloody Mary

The bloody mary grade of red cherry shrimp has a shade of color that closely resembles the redness of human blood.

Making their way to the trade from Taiwan, bloody mary cherry shrimp have very vibrant body tissues. The presence of semi-transparent shells across their bodies is what sets them apart from the rest of the grades.

This cherry shrimp grade is quite rare; it may take you some time to find it in stock.

  • The average price per piece of bloody mary cherry shrimp is $7 to 8$.

7 – Kanoko

Last but not least, we’re looking at the kanoko cherry shrimp.

The word ‘kanoko’ means ‘baby deer’ in Japanese. It refers to the round patches of black color spread on the back of the shrimp’s dark red body.

With their intriguing look and deepest red shade, kanoko cherry shrimp are the rarest grade as only a few breeders have successfully bred them. As such, they’re also the most expensive grade.

  • The average price per piece of kanoko cherry shrimp is 8 to $10.

Can You Buy Cherry Shrimp From a Local Store?

Yes, you can find cherry shrimp in just about any fish store in your area. But probably not all grades will be available in every store.

The good thing about buying cherry shrimp from a local store is that you can look at it first, so the chances of getting better quality shrimp are bigger.

However, you may not have many options for higher grades to begin with.

Can You Buy Cherry Shrimp Online?

Yes, you can get cherry shrimp online from platforms like Amazon or The Shrimp Farm.

The advantages of purchasing online include choosing from a wider range of grades and having the shrimp shipped to your home directly.

Additional Costs of Cherry Shrimp Care

Besides the cost of buying the shrimp itself, you also need to consider some extra expenses related to the caring portion of keeping cherry shrimp.

Cherry shrimp live in groups or colonies, so you should buy at least 10 shrimps to start with.

To support the thriving of an active colony, you need a tank size between 8 to 12 gallons. This can cost you around $100.

Additionally, you’ll need a heater and a filter to keep the water temperature optimal and get rid of toxic debris. These will cost you around $50.

You should also factor in substrate, plants, and decor, which can cost you around $20. As for food, you’re looking at $15 to $20 per month.

Why Are Cherry Shrimp So Expensive?

The main reason that cherry shrimp are so expensive is their breeding circumstances. These shrimps had to be selectively bred to become the bright red that’s highly sought after nowadays.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, the grade and type of cherry shrimp are the main aspects that affect their price. The breeder and the site of purchase also play a big role in determining the cost of cherry shrimp.

To fully answer “how much do cherry shrimp cost to own?”, you should also consider the expense of buying a tank, filter, heater, substrate, plants, and food.

But it’s safe to say that you’ll need around $100 to kick off your colony.

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