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Do Gouramis Change Color? (Common Reasons for Color Loss)

Do Gouramis Change Color? (Common Reasons for Color Loss)

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Gouramis are among the most popular fish for several reasons. They’re very good fish for beginners who are just starting to get used to freshwater aquariums.

Most gouramis are considered to be fairly hardy, and this makes them good choices for novices. Also, many gouramis are quite beautiful.

Some gouramis are going to be very colorful. Do these fish change color, though?

If you notice that your gourami fish seems to have changed color, then you might be worried. Is this a normal thing?

Read on to learn about whether gouramis are known to change color. This will give you a better idea of what is going on.

Caring for gouramis should be a good experience, but you will want to put the effort in to learn about things that can go wrong. Being a more knowledgeable fish tank owner will serve you well when you want your fish to thrive.

Some Gouramis Can Change Color

The first thing to know is that some gouramis can indeed change color. Certain gouramis will naturally change color and it won’t be anything to worry about.

For example, there are gouramis out there that get a bit darker as they reach sexual maturity. It’s possible that the slight color change in your gourami fish could be a natural thing.

Another thing to know is that male gouramis are going to be more colorful than female gouramis. The male fish are flashy and show off bold colors in an attempt to attract females.

If a female gourami fish is present in the fish tank, then the male gourami is going to be more colorful. This is why it’s said that female gouramis bring out the best colors in the male fish.

Some gouramis will also slightly change their colors in an attempt to blend into their environment. Blue gouramis are going to change colors fairly often.

It’s typical for these fish to go from being pale blue to suddenly looking quite a bit darker. However, you also need to know that color changing can be a sign that the fish is experiencing significant problems.

Why Is My Gourami Getting Darker?

As mentioned above, sometimes gouramis will change colors naturally. A gourami fish might change color as it matures, and this will cause it to get a bit darker.

Under normal circumstances, this isn’t going to be anything to worry about. However, it’s also possible that the gourami fish could be getting darker for negative reasons.

Below, you’ll learn why changing color can sometimes be a negative thing. This article will show you some of the reasons why gouramis will change colors that you’ll want to look out for.

Why Is My Gourami Losing Color?

Changing color won’t always be a normal thing. Sometimes it can be an indication that something is wrong with the gourami fish.

There are many different things that can happen that will cause gouramis to lose color. Knowing about this ahead of time will allow you to take steps to get the gourami fish back to normal.

You’ll need to look out for several different problems that can cause gouramis to lose color. All of these issues will be things that can go wrong in the aquarium.

Stress Issues

Stress can be caused by many different things in your fish tank. Your gouramis could get stressed if they aren’t given enough space in the tank.

Trying to put fish into an environment that is too small for them will never be good. Issues like this can also lead to the fish becoming more territorial.

Sometimes the gouramis will be more likely to fight each other or other fish in the tank. If you put other fish in the tank that the gouramis don’t get along with, then that can stress the fish as well.

When gouramis get bullied by other fish, it’s going to make them feel very stressed. This can have a negative impact on the health of the fish.

You might notice the gouramis changing color due to many types of stress. The best solution is to try to reduce the stress levels by making changes in the tank.

It could be necessary to give the fish more space or to put them in a safer environment. Do your best to figure out what is causing your fish to experience stress.

Water Parameter Issues

When caring for fish, it’s always going to be imperative to keep an eye on the water parameters. You need to keep the temperature of the water in the right range while also monitoring the pH balance.

Sometimes new fish owners will forget to watch things as closely as they should. This might cause some of the water parameters to be thrown off.

If you don’t do a good job of keeping the fish tank clean, then the pH balance can easily go into the wrong range. It’s easier to keep the temperature in the right range so long as you’re using a reliable heater.

Check the water parameters to ensure that everything is in the recommended range for the gourami fish that you’re taking care of. If things are off, then you will need to alter the pH balance of the tank using special chemicals.

In the future, you should be more proactive. Take the time to test the pH balance using a pH balance testing kit.

Also, you should clean the fish tank regularly. Be sure to change 15% of the water on a weekly basis to keep things clean and safe for your gouramis.

Gourami Fish Injuries

If a gourami fish gets injured, then it might start to lose color. Sometimes it’ll be injured by fighting with another fish.

This can happen when you put two male gouramis in the same tank. Generally, it’s not recommended to keep two male gouramis together.

You might also have your gouramis in an aquarium with improper tank mates. Some other types of fish might bully or harm the gouramis.

Always do your research to ensure that your fish can stay safe inside of the tank. You must pick tank mates carefully so that you will know that all of the different fish will get along.

Gourami Fish Illness

Illness is another thing to watch out for. It’s normal for gouramis to lose color and even turn black if they’re very sick.

There are all sorts of different illnesses to look out for. A gourami fish could experience fin rot due to being infected.

Sometimes gouramis can get ich as well. This is a condition that will cause the fish to have white spots appear on their bodies.

There is even a parasitic disease known as black spot disease. Worms dig into the skin and scales of the fish when they have this condition.

You’ll want to try to figure out what type of illness your fish has if you suspect that it is sick. Once you know what sickness you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to treat the fish appropriately.

If you’re at a loss for what to do, then you can consult an exotic veterinarian who treats fish. The vet will be able to help you diagnose the fish, and they will give you a reliable treatment plan to follow.

Dietary Issues

Have you been feeding the gouramis properly? These fish need to be fed a nutritious diet if you want them to remain healthy and vibrant.

It’s possible that the gouramis could be fading in color due to not eating well. A lack of proper nutrients could cause the fish to feel stressed.

If you don’t fix these dietary problems, then it could have a huge impact on the health of the gouramis. Do your best to give the gouramis good food that will keep them feeling healthy.

Generally, you’ll be feeding gouramis things such as algae rounds, fish flakes, and shrimp pellets. It’s also beneficial to give the fish frozen shrimp from time to time.

Some choose to give live food to the gouramis every so often. There are many options for doing so, but what you’ll want to give the fish might depend on the specific type of gourami fish that you’re caring for.

If you want expert advice on what to feed your gouramis, then you can consult an experienced exotic veterinarian. They will be able to advise you so that you will know exactly what to feed the fish.

Gouramis are usually meant to be fed twice per day. Don’t feed them more than they can eat in a few minutes.

Feeding gouramis too much can be just as problematic as not feeding them enough. If a gourami fish gets constipated, then it might wind up having swim bladder issues.

Why Do Gourami Fish Change Colors?

Gourami fish change colors for so many different reasons. It can be natural, and it might even be occurring simply because the fish is maturing.

Sometimes these fish change colors to try to fit in with their environment. Male gouramis will show off more vibrant colors when they’re trying to impress female gourami fish.

Of course, gouramis will lose color when they’re getting sick or experiencing stress. You’ll need to look out for situations like that so that you can protect the fish.

Being a proactive fish owner is for the best. You can try to remedy the situation if the gouramis are stressed or sick.

If you take care of the problems, then the gouramis should be able to return to looking colorful again. Just try to observe the gouramis to see what is going on in the fish tank.

Final Thoughts

Don’t immediately start worrying if you see that your gouramis have changed color a little bit. There are many normal explanations for why this is happening.

Often, gouramis will start to darken a little bit as they mature. This means that there is a good chance that your gouramis are just getting a bit older and you don’t have anything to be concerned with.

Sometimes gouramis will change colors for other natural reasons, too. You should be able to determine if there is a normal explanation for what is going on or not.

If the gourami appears to be fading in color or if it’s turning black, then you might need to worry a bit. This could be a sign that there is something amiss.

Gouramis will fade or turn black when they’re experiencing various negative things. One of the most common reasons why this happens has to do with water parameter issues.

Water parameter issues will make it tough for gouramis to stay healthy. If the pH balance of the water is way off, then you’ll need to remedy things to get the gourami fish back to normal.

Keeping the tank clean is truly very important. You might need to endeavor to clean the tank and do more regular water changes for the sake of the fish.

Illness can cause gouramis to lose color or turn black, too. There are all sorts of illnesses that can cause color changes in gouramis.

Look out for specific signs of illness and try to determine what is going on. Getting the gourami fish to feel better will involve treating it for whatever illness it happens to be dealing with.

Fighting in the fish tank can cause gouramis to get injured. You might have put the gouramis in a tank with fish that don’t get along with them.

Remember to take the time to pick out appropriate tank mates for the gouramis. Community tanks can be great experiences for gouramis, but you need to put them in with fish that won’t bully them.

Feeding your fish a healthy diet will also be imperative. You should make sure that you’re giving the gouramis the right types of food.

Sometimes it is best to mix up the diet of the fish. You might be giving them nothing but flakes, and it could be that they need different nutrients than what you’re providing.

Keep all of this in mind and you’ll have an easier time caring for your gouramis. If you do your best to care for the gouramis, then you’ll be able to enjoy having them in your aquarium for that much longer.

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