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Do Angelfish Need a Heater? (Even in a Warm Environment?)

Do Angelfish Need a Heater? (Even in a Warm Environment?)

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Having fish tanks in your home can be so satisfying. If you’re like many fish owners, then you probably like to spend time in the evening just watching the fish swim around while you’re relaxing.

It’s always a joy to add new fish to the tank. When you’re looking for pretty new fish to care for, you’ll likely come across people recommending angelfish.

If you’re interested in adding angelfish to your fish tank sometime soon, then it’s good to get the information that you need to take care of them properly. These fish are very popular because of how pretty they are, but you will need to meet the needs of the fish so that they can thrive.

Although angelfish are considered to be rather easy to take care of by pet fish standards, you will need to prepare the water for them in specific ways. Do angelfish need to have a heater in the tank to survive?

Read on to learn about angelfish and what you need to care for them. This should help you to do a good job so that you can enjoy these fish in your tank for a long time to come.

Angelfish Need a Heater

Angelfish do indeed need a heater to be able to survive. You’ll also have to be careful if you wish to add them to a tank that already has fish in it.

You see, angelfish are going to do best when they’re kept in fish tanks that have a water temperature between 75 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. This is fairly warm, and some fish that you’re caring for might find that water to be too hot.

For this reason, it might be best to give the angelfish their own tank. You can also be meticulous about picking fish that can safely be placed in tanks with angelfish.

There could be a situation where you won’t need a heater, but it depends on the temperature of the room where you’re keeping the tank. If the room is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit on average, then angelfish should be able to survive.

The fish simply might not grow as you would want them to. Since you’re not directly heating the water, the growth rate of the fish will be impacted.

It’s also possible that the fish won’t live as long. Truly, it’s much better to use a heater when taking care of angelfish.

There’s also the fact that most people don’t keep the rooms in their homes that hot. If you wish to have the best experience, then you’re going to want to purchase a heater for the aquarium.

Why Is a Heater Better Even When You Live in a Warm Area?

Using a heater in the tank is going to be better even when you live in a warm area. You could be someone who doesn’t use air conditioning in your house and the temperature would still fluctuate in your home.

If you’re not directly heating the fish tank using a heater, then the water is going to have the temperature go up and down. Sometimes the temperature will swing quite a bit in just one day.

The rapid fluctuation is what is bad for the angelfish. Angelfish are tropical fish and they generally swim in warm water.

While it’s true that the fish can survive in slightly cooler and slightly warmer temperatures, they aren’t going to do as well. Also, in the wild, the temperature of the water isn’t going to fluctuate so wildly.

Wild angelfish will deal with temperature changes well because they will be gradual. The way that the temperature will go up and down in a small tank will be much different.

The temperature swings in a small tank that doesn’t have a heater will be hard to bear. If you choose to go without using a heater in the tank, then there’s a good chance that the fish won’t live as long as they could.

Since you want to be able to enjoy the fish for a long time, it’s sensible to use a heater. Thankfully, heaters aren’t even that expensive, and that means that you should be able to get a good one without it being a big deal.

Buying a Heater

Buying a heater for your fish tank shouldn’t be all that difficult. There are a few things to consider, though.

You can’t just go out and buy any aquarium heater that you see and expect to get good results. Since you’re buying a heater for an angelfish tank, you’re going to need one that makes sense for the fish.

Generally, you’re going to be keeping angelfish in somewhat larger tanks. This means that you might have a tank that is 55-gallons or larger depending on how many angelfish you wish to purchase.

With this in mind, you’ll want to find a heater that is meant to heat aquariums that are as large as the one that you own. If you purchase an underpowered heater, then it isn’t going to do the job that you need it to do.

That being said, it’s very easy to buy a heater. You can search online at popular retailers to get what you need.

It’s also possible to buy heaters for your tank at pet stores. You could even ask the clerks there for assistance if you need help picking out a good heater for your tank.

Remember that you need to keep the temperature range in mind as well. The heater must be capable of heating the tank enough that the water will stay between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that you know this, you’ll be able to go get what you need. Don’t hesitate to ask a clerk for assistance if you’re going out to buy a heater in person.

The pH Balance of the Water Needs to Be Right

Another thing that you need to know is that the pH balance of the water needs to be right. If you’re not new to caring for fish, then you likely already know that certain fish need the balance to be within specific ranges.

To allow angelfish to thrive, you’ll need to keep the pH balance between 6.8 and 7.8. You can measure the pH balance of your tank using a simple pH home testing kit.

These can be purchased at stores that sell aquariums and other pet fish products. You can also purchase the tests online.

You’ll want to have a pH balance test ready to go for when you bring the fish home. It’ll be necessary to prepare the tank ahead of time and to balance the water so that the fish can be safely placed in the aquarium.

If you need to alter the pH level of the water, then there are different ways that you can go about doing so. Raising the pH level can be done by adding crushed coral, but you could also use chemical buffers that you can buy at the pet store.

Lowering the level is easy when you add some wood to the tank. Most people just lower the pH level using chemical options since it’s faster.

How Big Should the Fish Tank Be?

Owning angelfish is going to be a delight, but you need to ensure that you aren’t putting the fish in a tank that’s too small. Angelfish don’t like very cramped tanks, and it can actually cause them to experience stress.

If you were to put an angelfish in a tank that is too small or crowded, then it would likely lose its color. Angelfish change colors for many different reasons, but the fish look duller when they’re experiencing stress or fear.

You want to be able to enjoy the bright and colorful look that angelfish are known for. The fish will be much more comfortable if you keep it in a tank that is more than large enough.

So how large does the fish tank need to be for an angelfish? It depends on how many fish you wish to purchase.

The basic formula says that an angelfish needs 10 gallons of space. So if you want to care for two angelfish, you’d need a 20-gallon tank.

However, most enthusiasts note that you should give the angelfish more space than that so that they can be happy. Instead of keeping two fish in a 20-gallon tank, it’d likely be better to buy a 29-gallon tank.

If you’re hoping to keep many angelfish in one tank, then you’re going to need to look into getting 55-gallon tanks or even larger ones. Of course, you’ll need to have enough room in your home to accommodate these larger aquariums.

You should know that it can be difficult to keep two male angelfish in the same tank. Although these fish are largely peaceful, the males will often fight each other.

The reason why the males fight has to do with the fish being territorial as well as squabbling over potential mates. Sadly, two male angelfish might even injure each other in a fight.

Although it isn’t likely that these angelfish will kill each other, it has been known to happen when two males are placed in small tanks together. If you have any intention of keeping more than one male in a tank, then you’ll need to have a very large tank.

It’s recommended to put two males in a 100-gallon tank so that there will be space between them. You could also try adding aquatic plants so that there will be hiding spots.

The size of mature angelfish can sometimes catch people off-guard. Angelfish can grow to be between six and ten inches long depending on how well they’re cared for and other factors.

Due to the size of the fish, they actually do better in taller tanks. Ensure that you have a tall enough tank that will allow the fish to feel that they can swim freely.

Knowing all of this, you’ll want to plan things out with the heater, the fish tank, and how many fish you’re purchasing at the same time. This will allow you to get started the right way so that the fish can thrive under your care.

How Important Is it to Add Plants to the Tank?

You could technically get away with not adding any plants to the tank. Angelfish don’t need the plants to live or anything like that.

However, it’s going to be wise to add plants to the tank for many reasons. The most important reason is that it’s going to help to keep the fish happy by making the habitat feel more natural.

Having a fish tank that appears to be more natural makes the fish feel at ease. Your angelfish will be less likely to get stressed, and they should be able to thrive in your tank.

There are also practical reasons why aquatic plants can be helpful. They can help to keep the fish tank clean by eliminating ammonia and other harmful things that could negatively impact your fish.

Your fish will also love using the plants in different ways. You’ll commonly see fish swimming through the plants and they will sometimes hide in the plants when they want to be away from the other fish.

When it’s time for angelfish to mate, the females will be able to lay their eggs on the plants. Plants with large leaves are perfect for this because the females can stick the eggs right to the leaves.

Males will be able to feel comfortable fertilizing the eggs when they’re hidden among plants, too. It’s definitely best to have plants in a tank when you want to breed angelfish.

Putting all of that aside, you might just want to add plants for aesthetic purposes. Having plants in the aquarium with the fish will make everything look even more stunning.

If you’re looking for good options, then consider placing Amazon sword plants or jungle val in the tank with your angelfish. These plants are easy to find and they’re perfect for aquariums that are home to angelfish.

Feeding Your New Fish

Feeding your new fish is important as well. You should be able to get everything that you need to keep the fish healthy from your local pet stores.

Generally, you’ll be feeding angelfish fish flakes and shrimp pellets that are meant for angelfish. You can easily ask a clerk to show you the options that they have available for angelfish.

Some people choose to feed angelfish live shrimp as treats. You don’t need to do this, though, and it’s likely much easier to simply feed the angelfish flakes and pellets.

There are angelfish enthusiasts who say that it’s beneficial to mix up what you feed the fish. Some people cycle fish flakes and shrimp pellets so that the fish don’t get bored.

You should feed the angelfish once or twice per day. It isn’t good to go too long without feeding an angelfish, but it likely won’t die if you make a mistake once or twice.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to take care of angelfish will help you to get started properly. You want to be able to do things the right way so that you can avoid problems with the fish.

You don’t want the angelfish to be stressed because it can cause them to appear duller than usual. Placing angelfish in a good tank that has enough room is imperative to the happiness of the fish.

Buying a heater is pretty much a necessity when you want to have angelfish. Angelfish won’t do well with temperature fluctuations, and you could kill the fish within weeks if you choose not to use a heater.

You must keep the water between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit for the fish to do well. Even if the fish can survive in slightly cooler or hotter water, it won’t do as well.

When angelfish are in a tank that is too cool, it’s going to negatively impact their growth. It’s also likely that the fish won’t live nearly as long as they could.

If you care for these fish well, then they could live to be 10 years old. Doing your best will allow you to enjoy the fish for a very long time.

Be sure to get a heater that is appropriate for the tank that you own. It needs to be powerful enough to heat the tank, and it needs to be capable of heating the tank to the right temperature range.

Finding heaters will be very easy whether you shop online or if you prefer to buy things at local stores. You’ll always be able to ask clerks in your local stores for advice if you need a heater recommendation.

Now that you know everything that you need to know about angelfish and how warm the aquarium needs to be for them, you’ll be in a good position. Caring for angelfish won’t be tough, but it will be very fulfilling.

Enjoy looking at your beautiful fish. If you keep doing your best to keep them healthy, then the fish will be around for many years.

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