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The Best Cherry Barb Tank Mates for Your Community Tank

The Best Cherry Barb Tank Mates for Your Community Tank

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Are you interested in buying cherry barbs for your fish tank? There are so many reasons why cherry barbs are a great choice for your tank.

Many people enjoy keeping these fish in their own tanks. However, they’re also known for being good options for community tanks.

You can put cherry barbs in community tanks and get good results. Of course, you need to pick the tank mates carefully, or the experience won’t be good at all.

Read on to learn more about cherry barbs and their tank mates. You’ll have a much better idea of which fish will work well in a community setting with these barbs.

Are Cherry Barbs Community Fish?

Yes, cherry barbs are well-known community fish that many people like to buy. These fish work out well in community aquariums because they’re relatively peaceful.

You can put these fish in community tanks and get great results. Don’t hesitate to build a community tank around these fish if you’re interested in doing so.

Cherry barbs are pretty, and they will look great in a community tank. There are so many fish that complement them well, too.

Even if cherry barbs are good community fish, it’s still important to choose tank mates carefully. Choosing the wrong tank mates can lead to terrible results.

Below, you’ll learn about various types of fish and whether they’re compatible tank mates for cherry barbs. When you’ve read everything, you’ll have a much better picture of how you can set up a community tank with these fish in mind.

Can You Keep Cherry Barbs and Tiger Barbs?

Tiger barbs are another type of barb fish that many people like. They’re among the most popular barbs that people buy, and you might want to put them in a tank with cherry barbs.

Can tiger barbs and cherry barbs get along, though? You might be surprised to hear that this will work out pretty well.

Tiger barbs are known to be good tank mates for cherry barbs. The tolerant nature of the cherry barbs will make it so they will leave the tiger barbs alone.

The water parameter requirements overlap just enough that these fish can be kept together. You shouldn’t hesitate if you think that owning both tiger barbs and cherry barbs will be fun.

Can They Live with Gouramis?

You can keep cherry barbs with gouramis if you want to. There are certain types of gouramis that work really well as tank mates for these fish.

Honey gouramis are very cute fish that are perfect tank mates for cherry barbs. Consider putting a pair of honey gouramis in the tank to go along with your six cherry barbs.

Since these fish are so peaceful, it should be easy to find other suitable tank mates that will get along with them. You’ll love the way that honey gouramis look in the tank.

Overall, honey gouramis are fish that come highly recommended. They add aesthetic appeal to the tank while also being easy fish to handle.

Can You Keep Cherry Barbs with a Betta?

Betta fish can work out fine in a community tank with cherry barbs, too. It’s common for people to keep these two types of fish together.

A small group of six cherry barbs will get along nicely with one or two betta fish. Bettas have very similar water parameter requirements to cherry barbs.

Also, the two types of fish eat the same types of food for the most part. So this will be a pretty good and convenient match.

Betta fish are undeniably beautiful, and you’ll love how they look in a community fish tank. These fish will be excellent additions to your community aquarium if you choose to get them.

Can Cherry Barbs and Guppies Live Together?

It’s possible to keep guppies in the same tank as cherry barbs, but it sometimes doesn’t work out great. Cherry barbs are pretty peaceful fish, but they hate being overcrowded.

You need to keep at least six cherry barbs in the tank. You’re supposed to keep at least three guppies together in a tank, but some people keep more than this.

If you want to keep guppies in a community tank with cherry barbs, it’ll be important to give both enough space. Ensure that the community aquarium is more than large enough.

As long as you’ve set things up properly, this can work out fine. Guppies aren’t considered to be the best possible tank mates for cherry barbs, but they are okay tank mates.

Can You Keep Them with Angelfish?

Angelfish and cherry barbs can get along in the same fish tank. Just pick angelfish that are close to the same size as the cherry barbs, and you won’t encounter issues.

There are some angelfish types out there that are a bit larger. Angelfish are semi-aggressive, but they’re more peaceful than some realize.

It’s interesting to note that angelfish don’t get along well with other types of barbs. Most barbs are fin nippers and this will stress the angelfish, but this isn’t something that cherry barbs are known to do.

Since angelfish are rather pretty, they will make great additions to your community tank. Just be sure that the angelfish are also compatible with any of the other fish that you’re interested in including in the community aquarium.

Can They Live with Shrimp?

It is possible to keep cherry barbs with certain types of shrimp. Cherry barbs are peaceful enough that they won’t try to go after shrimp that are close to the same size as them.

You should have a good experience keeping cherry shrimp in the same tank as cherry barbs. Just note that the cherry barbs might eat any baby shrimp that are born in the tank.

Shrimp might not be the best tank mates for cherry barbs, but they can work out okay. It’s fine to put cherry shrimp with your cherry barbs, but it won’t work out with smaller types of shrimp.

Can You Keep Cherry Barbs and Goldfish?

Goldfish are very popular, and you might want to include them in the community tank. Can they be kept with cherry barbs safely?

It’s fine to keep goldfish with cherry barbs, but it depends on how large they are. Goldfish that are much bigger than the cherry barbs will be dangerous.

You must pick goldfish that are smaller than the cherry barbs for this to work out. As long as the sizes match up okay, you should have a good experience keeping these two types of fish in a community tank.

Can They Live with Otocinclus Catfish?

Otocinclus catfish are well-known community fish that are peaceful. These are bottom-dwelling catfish that mind their own business in the tank.

It’s also nice to have fish like this in the tank for cleaning purposes. Otos will go around the tank eating algae, and this can be very helpful overall.

You don’t need to worry about otos and cherry barbs getting along. Otos are known to be some of the best tank mates that you can find for cherry barbs.

Just be careful when introducing otos to the tank. They can be a bit fragile until they acclimate to the tank and become comfortable.

Can Cherry Barbs Live with Rasboras?

Rasboras are common sights in many community fish tanks. If you’re interested in them, they can make excellent tank mates for cherry barbs.

There are many types of rasboras out there to choose from. Some of them are great options to put in the tank with your cherry barbs.

Consider going with harlequin rasboras, strawberry rasboras, or chili rasboras to have a good experience. All of these fish are beautiful and very peaceful.

You’ll love how nice the rasboras look in the tank. They won’t have trouble getting along with other fish, and you’ll be glad to have them as part of the community.

Can They Live with Tetras?

Various types of tetras can live in fish tanks with cherry barbs if you’re interested in them. These fish are very popular because they look nice, and they come in so many different colors and sizes.

Of course, not all tetras will be good tank mates for cherry barbs. You want to keep cherry barbs in community tanks with peaceful types of tetras.

Good options include neon tetras, rosy tetras, rummy nose tetras, and cardinal tetras. All of these fish can live alongside cherry barbs without causing any problems.

Avoid the more aggressive tetras such as black skirt tetras and congo tetras. Sadly, these fish might wind up harming some of the more peaceful members of your community tank.

Can Cherry Barbs Live with Mollies?

Mollies are rather popular fish that should work out well as tank mates for cherry barbs. These fish look really nice, and you’ll love having them in the tank.

The only downside is that mollies can be a bit sensitive. They aren’t as hardy as the cherry barbs.

Sometimes mollies have a tough time acclimating to new tanks. You might need to baby them a bit, but you can have a good experience keeping them in community aquariums if you put in the effort.

These fish mate easily and will likely breed even in a community tank. So you might have to figure out what to do with excess fish unless you have fish in the tank that will eat the babies.

Can They Live with Cory Catfish?

Cory catfish are another type of fish that you should consider when looking for tank mates for cherry barbs. These fish are so peaceful, and they’re a joy to keep in your aquarium.

Much like the otocinclus catfish, these fish are bottom-feeders. They hang out at the bottom of the tank, and they’re very calm overall.

They’re not going to bother your cherry barbs in any way. Also, they’re such good community fish that they can get along with various other types of fish.

Buying some cory cats for your community tank will be a good idea. These are stellar tank mates for cherry barbs that you’ll be pleased with.

Can Cherry Barbs Live with Swordtails?

Many people love swordtails because of how nice they look. These are rather striking fish that would look good in a community tank.

Thankfully, they’re known to get along well with cherry barbs. You won’t have a tough time keeping these two types of fish together.

The only thing to keep in mind is that these fish are a bit on the big side as far as cherry barb tank mates go. They can grow to be up to six inches long, and you’ll need lots of space in the tank.

Remember that cherry barbs don’t like being kept in overcrowded aquariums. Make sure that your community tank is rather big if you plan to add some swordtails to it.

Can They Live with Kuhli Loaches?

Kuhli loaches are bottom-dwelling fish that are quite a bit different from the catfish mentioned earlier. These are unique types of fish that can add some charm to your fish tank.

They’re known to get along just fine with cherry barbs. You can keep these fish in community tanks because they’re peaceful and even a little bit shy.

You’ll love observing the kuhli loaches as they hang out at the bottom of the tank. They have a bit of a weird quality to them that helps them to stand out in the aquarium.

Overall, kuhli loaches are really easy to care for, too. So these fish are great ones to add to community aquariums.

Can They Live with Danios Fish?

Danios fish will be a very good option when looking for cherry barb tank mates. These fish are very pretty and will look great in the community aquarium with your barbs.

Specifically, you’ll want to consider the celestial pearl danios. Sometimes this fish is called a galaxy rasbora in aquarium stores.

This fish is very peaceful, and it’s also known for being one of the best community aquarium fish. You won’t have a tough time finding good tank mate options for this fish.

Anyone who is interested in adding pretty fish to the community tank will be happy with the celestial pearl danios. It’s a great fish that gets along swimmingly with cherry barbs.

Can Kribs Live with Cherry Barbs?

Kribensis fish are a type of cichlid that will work out as a tank mate for cherry barbs. Most cichlids are a bit too aggressive to live with cherry barbs, but kribs will work out fine.

These fish are good to put in the fish tank because they’re excellent for beginners. Kribs are decidedly easy to care for, and they’re also pretty.

The water parameters for these two fish match up fairly well, too. So it won’t be hard to keep both of them healthy as long as you take care of normal tank maintenance.

Many people love caring for kribs, and they’re some of the best cichlids when it comes to being community fish. If you like the look of these fish, you shouldn’t hesitate to add them to your community aquarium.

Can Bristlenose Plecos Live with Cherry Barbs?

Bristlenose plecos are excellent fish that you can buy for community tanks. Many people buy these fish specifically to eat algae in the tank.

They’re also neat fish that are fun to observe. They have a very unique look that many people find appealing.

These fish get along very well with cherry barbs. You won’t have to worry about them fighting with fish or anything because they’re very peaceful.

Much like otocinclus catfish and cory catfish, these are bottom-feeding fish that mind their own business. You’ll love keeping bristlenose plecos in your aquarium.

Can They Live with Platy Fish?

Platies are another fish that you might be interested in trying out in the aquarium. These fish are appealing because they have the same coloration as goldfish, but they aren’t nearly as messy.

Keeping platies with cherry barbs will be perfectly acceptable. These are hardy fish that can live just fine in the water parameters that cherry barbs prefer.

The only potential downside to consider is that these fish are live-bearers. They produce fry, and you might need to get rid of them by donating them to someone.

You don’t want the tank to get overcrowded with fish, after all. As long as you keep this in mind, it’ll be easy to keep an eye on things.

Final Thoughts

You should feel confident about keeping cherry barbs in community aquariums now. These fish can do great in community tanks, but you need to pick good tank mates for them.

There are so many great options to choose from that you’ll likely have a hard time narrowing things down. Choose the tank mates that appeal to you the most.

Remember to make sure that all of the fish that you want to keep in the tank together are compatible. Also, you must buy an aquarium that is large enough for all of the fish that you want to get.

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