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Can Killifish Live Together? (Can You Mix Different Types?)

Can Killifish Live Together? (Can You Mix Different Types?)

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There are so many neat types of killifish out there. It might be hard for you to pick which type of killifish you want to buy for your fish tank.

Perhaps you’re interested in buying many different killifish types. Can killifish live together, or are they going to fight if you try to mix two different types?

How many killifish of the same species can live together? Do male killifish get along?

There are so many questions that you must answer before proceeding. It’s never wise to buy fish before doing a bit of research.

Below, you’ll learn about killifish and whether they can live together in a fish tank setting. Once you’ve read everything, you’ll understand what you should and should not do when putting together an aquarium that contains these fish.

Can Male Killifish Live Together?

It’s possible to keep male killifish together, but it’s not usually what’s recommended. You see, male killifish are known to fight with each other.

They do this because they feel the need to compete for female attention. If there are no female killifish in the tank, it won’t be a problem.

Many people say that you can keep male killifish in the same tank so long as no females are present. They should get along okay so long as they’re kept in tanks that have enough space.

Most people don’t choose to keep male killifish in the same tank. It’s more common for people to buy one male killifish and two female killifish in the same tank.

Can You Keep Different Species of Killifish Together?

Keeping different species of killifish together in the same tank can be okay, but it isn’t always going to work out fine. You need to be very careful to keep everything safe.

Killifish that belong to the same genus can be kept in the same tank. Note that being from the same genus is different from being from the same species.

You must avoid keeping more than one male killifish in the tank. Multiple male killifish will lead to fighting issues between the fish.

Do the necessary research to ensure that the fish that you’re choosing are from the same genus. Also, ensure that the fish tank is large enough so that all of the fish have more than enough room to swim around.

This should keep the fish from becoming stressed and fighting over territory. Getting things right can help you to make your tank setup very nice.

How Many Killifish Should Be Kept Together?

You should keep killifish in small groups. Keeping them in small groups helps them to thrive in fish tank settings.

Ideally, you want to keep three killifish in the same tank. Buy one male killifish and two female killifish.

If you stick to keeping the fish in groups of three, you’ll see that they will get along fantastically. This is what you want to do when keeping killifish in small tanks.

It is possible to keep killifish in larger groups as well. However, you’ll need to give them a larger tank for this to work out.

Some people keep killifish in groups of twelve or more. This can only be done in 30-gallon fish tanks or larger.

Keep in mind that males can be aggressive toward each other. This is even worse during mating season.

So you’ll still want to keep just one male killifish in the tank. Some say that they’ve been okay keeping two males in a large tank with many females, but take this anecdotal evidence with a grain of salt.

Are Killifish Good Community Tank Fish?

It’s common for killifish to be kept in community tanks. However, you need to know that many killifish are considered to be semi-aggressive.

These are carnivorous fish, and they’re known to eat other fish. Like most fish that eat meat, they’re going to eat other fish that are small enough to fit in their mouths.

Killifish aren’t very big fish, though. You can find plenty of options when looking for tank mates for these fish.

There are killifish that are small and killifish that are a little bigger. You have to look up compatible tank mates based on the specific species that you own.

Many killifish are known to get along well with bottom-dwelling fish. So plecos, cory cats, and other similar fish should work out nicely.

You can potentially keep these fish in tanks with guppies as well. Some types of cichlids can work with certain killifish in community tanks.

Just make sure that you research the compatibility before you make any final decisions. It’d be a shame to put fish in a community aquarium and have some of them wind up dead because you rushed things.

Killifish Are Good for Beginners

Don’t hesitate to buy killifish if you’re new to the hobby of keeping fish tanks in your home. They’re good fish to own because they’re not that tough to get used to.

These fish have fairly simple care requirements. You just need to monitor the water parameters, keep the tank clean, and feed the fish the right food.

Since killifish are fairly hardy, they’re going to be good fish for amateurs. You’ll also love that the fish are so pretty.

They’re colorful fish that you can care for without being an expert. It will take a bit of effort, but it’s nice to have good options when you want to gain some experience.

Final Thoughts

You can keep killifish in small groups in your fish tank. They can be kept in slightly larger groups if you have a bigger fish tank to work with.

Normally, you want to keep one male killifish and two female killifish in the tank together. Males usually fight over females, and the fighting can get bad during mating season.

Males can only stay in a tank together if no females are present. People don’t typically choose to do this.

You can mix different types of killifish, but only in very specific ways. Killifish from the same genus can live together in a fish tank.

Be careful to research things first so you get things right. Killifish are okay in community tanks, but you must pick tank mates carefully.

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