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Why Is My Killifish Eating Other Fish?

Why Is My Killifish Eating Other Fish?

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Killifish are very popular aquarium fish overall. Many people choose to put these fish in community aquariums.

Since there are so many colorful and interesting types of killifish out there, it makes sense that you’d want to add some to your tank. Sometimes things won’t go well if you don’t do some research first, though.

Have your killifish been eating other fish in the tank? Is this something that killifish normally do?

Read on to get advice about this topic. You’ll learn about whether killifish are likely to eat certain kinds of fish and get some general advice that should help you to have a better experience overall.

Do Killifish Eat Other Fish?

Yes, killifish are carnivorous fish. This means that they eat meat, and they will eat other fish.

It’s common for killifish to eat other fish that are smaller than them. They’ll eat fish so long as the fish is small enough.

A fish needs to be able to fit in the mouth to be consumed. So you can generally tell if a fish is able to be eaten by a killifish based on whether it’s small enough to fit in its mouth.

Since killifish are known to eat other fish, it’s important to choose tank mates for them wisely. Otherwise, you’re going to wind up having many of the fish that you buy get eaten.

Will Killifish Eat Shrimp?

Killifish will love eating shrimp when they get the opportunity to do so. It’s not unusual in the slightest for killifish to eat shrimp.

Even so, the shrimp does need to be small enough for the killifish to eat it. There are many types of shrimp that are a bit too big to be eaten by most killifish.

As you likely know, different killifish will grow to be different sizes. There are many species to consider.

The same holds true for shrimp. Some shrimp grow larger than others, while others stay relatively small.

If a shrimp is small enough to be swallowed by a killifish, it’ll be turned into a snack. Shrimp that are bigger won’t have to worry too much about killifish.

For example, adult dwarf shrimp are large enough that they can live with lampeye killifish. They’re too big to be consumed by these fish.

Shrimp fry are so small that killifish will always eat them. Keep this in mind when thinking about potential tank mates for killifish.

Do Killifish Eat Snails?

Killifish aren’t known to eat snails. So if you’re hoping to get killifish to eat snails as snacks, you might want to think twice.

It’s said that some types of snails can even live in the same tank as killifish. It’s unlikely that a killifish will try to eat a snail.

Will Killifish Eat Guppies?

Larger types of killifish might eat some of the smaller types of guppies that you can buy. So you need to be careful which fish you put in a community tank.

Remember that killifish will eat guppies so long as they can fit them in their mouths. Smaller guppies can certainly become dinner for larger killifish.

Of course, guppies can also be good tank mates for killifish. Pairing guppies with the right types of killifish can be a decent experience.

It all depends on the types that you choose. Take the time to pick out the fish carefully to avoid problems.

Will Killifish Eat Guppy Fry?

Guppy fry will most certainly be eaten by killifish. When guppies hatch, they will be fairly small.

These guppy fry will wind up getting eaten by many different types of fish. If you want to keep the guppy fry safe, it’s best to raise them in an isolated tank until they grow larger.

Will Killifish Eat Neon Tetras?

Tetras are known to be compatible tank mates with many types of killifish. What about neon tetras, though?

Some larger types of killifish might eat neon tetras. This is why you need to be careful to keep tetras with killifish that are small enough.

It’s important for the neon tetras to be large enough so the killifish can’t fit them in their mouths. So long as they’re big enough, neon tetras will be great tank mates for them.

There are other types of tetras that work nicely, too. Tetras are some of the better tank mates for killifish overall, but you still need to be careful to choose the right killifish.

Always Research Compatible Tank Mates

It’s imperative to research compatible tank mates before putting killifish in a community tank. Killifish do fine in community aquariums, but they must be kept with the right tank mates.

You have many options that you can consider when caring for killifish. Many types of killifish are known to get along well with bottom-dwelling fish such as catfish.

There are many other compatible fish, such as dwarf cichlids, cichlids, rasboras, danios fish, and more. Remember that not all killifish are the same, though.

Some killifish are larger, and some are smaller. You need to make sure that the killifish can’t eat the fish that you put with them.

If you look into compatibility ahead of time, you won’t make mistakes. Look up compatibility based on the specific type of killifish that you own.

For example, a fish that is compatible with a golden wonder killifish might differ from the fish that are compatible with a clown killifish.

Final Thoughts

Seeing killifish eat other fish won’t be unusual at all. You simply don’t want that to happen in your community tank.

Carnivorous and omnivorous fish will generally eat whatever fish are small enough for them to devour. Killifish are no exceptions.

They’re known to eat shrimp, guppy fry, and many other small things. Killifish are carnivores that need to eat meat to survive.

You know more about what to expect now. This should make it easy to make wise choices.

It’s possible to keep killifish in a community aquarium if you want to. Simply make sure that all of the fish are compatible before you start putting things together.

Caring for killifish in a community fish tank doesn’t have to be a trying experience. You have the information that you need to do things right now.

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