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Rasbora Size (How Big Do Rasboras Get?)

Rasbora Size (How Big Do Rasboras Get?)

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Rasboras are amazing fish that you’ll enjoy having in your aquarium. One of the best aspects of keeping these fish is that they’re very peaceful.

It’s not too difficult to find good tank mates for them if you want to keep them in a community tank. The fish can also be a lot of fun to enjoy when cared for in their own tank.

These are schooling fish that generally aren’t considered too large. However, the size will differ depending on the type of rasbora that you’re looking at.

Read on to learn about the size of the various popular types of rasboras. This will make it easier to determine which fish you want to buy from the aquarium store.

How Big Do Rasboras Get?

As mentioned above, rasboras are mostly considered to be small types of fish. Many of the most popular rasboras will be one inch long or two inches long.

However, there are also rasboras that can grow to be as long as six inches. There’s a fair bit of difference in size when comparing the various species.

Below, you’ll learn a little bit about each type of rasbora. You’ll hear about how big they will get at maturity so you can decide if they’re right for your aquarium.

How Big Do Chili Rasboras Get?

Chili rasboras are rather small fish that only grow to be one inch long. These are incredibly popular types of rasboras, though.

Many people like to keep many of these chili rasboras in one tank. They like grouping together and can be a lot of fun to watch due to how active they are.

Since these fish are so peaceful, they’re excellent fish for community aquariums. They are indeed great community fish, but you have to be careful to pick tank mates that won’t bully them.

They’re small fish, and they’re so peaceful that they won’t put up a fight against aggressive tank mates. So long as you make wise choices, it’ll be easy to enjoy keeping these fish in your home.

How Big Do Harlequin Rasboras Get?

Harlequin rasboras are also amazingly popular aquarium fish. It’s common to see these fish being sold in pet stores and aquarium stores.

They’re bigger than the chili rasboras mentioned above, but they’re still not large fish by any means. Harlequin rasboras can grow to be two inches long at maturity.

Much like the chili rasbora, harlequin rasboras are peaceful fish. They need to be kept in groups of eight or more to thrive.

You can use them as community fish if you’d like to. It’s common for people to keep these fish in tanks with tetras.

How Big Do Galaxy Rasboras Get?

Galaxy rasboras are interesting fish that have a unique look. They live up to their name by being colorful and fun to look at.

You’ll find that these fish are fairly small overall. How large they grow will depend on genetic factors, how well they’re fed, and general health.

A galaxy rasbora will grow to be between one inch long and one and a half inches long. Even at maximum growth, these fish are fairly tiny.

Even so, they regularly grow to be a bit larger than the chili rasboras mentioned earlier. These fish are good for those who want to keep fish in a somewhat small fish tank.

How Big Do Lambchop Rasboras Get?

Lambchop rasboras are another popular type that you might wish to look into. They’re pretty fish, but many think that they look very similar to the harlequin rasboras mentioned earlier.

There is a difference between these fish, though. Lambchop rasboras grow to be one and a half inches long at maturity.

Also, lambchops have bodies that are bright orange. Harlequin rasboras have pinkish-brown bodies that many people find more appealing.

Regardless, these are good fish that could be a great addition to your fish tank. Just like the other rasboras you’ve learned about, they’re peaceful and active fish that are a joy to own.

How Big Do Scissortail Rasboras Get?

Scissortail rasboras are quite a bit different than the fish you’ve learned about to this point. These fish are substantially bigger than the other rasboras.

A scissortail rasbora can grow to be up to six inches long. Even though it’s a bigger fish than the others, it’s still a very peaceful fish that does well in community aquariums.

You’re supposed to keep these fish in groups, too. Typically, people keep at least six scissortail rasboras in one aquarium, but it’s not unusual for people to keep them in even larger groups.

Just make sure you have a big enough tank for them. You’ll need at least a 20-gallon fish tank, but many say that going with a 29-gallon tank is optimal for six of these fish.

How Big Do Blue Axelrodi Rasboras Get?

The blue axelrodi rasbora is a rather tiny fish. These fish are sometimes even smaller than the chili rasboras.

It’s said that blue axelrodi rasboras grow to be ¾ of an inch long. However, some say that they can grow to be up to an inch long in a fish tank.

So just know that they might be slightly smaller than chili rasboras. Since they’re tiny, it’s important to pick tank mates for them carefully.

You don’t want these fish to get bullied or eaten by the other fish. They’re pretty fish that have colorful bodies and will be welcome additions to your aquarium.

How Big Do Clown Rasboras Get?

Clown rasboras are very interesting fish to buy. They’re beautiful and colorful fish that many enthusiasts think are among the best types of rasboras.

These fish grow to be between 2.3 and 4 inches long. To help the fish grow strong, you will need to focus on giving it a good diet.

Also, putting it in a large enough fish tank helps. The growth of the fish can be stunted if it’s forced into a small tank.

How Big Do Porthole Rasboras Get?

Porthole rasboras are another intriguing fish that you’ll want to learn about. These fish are known to grow up to five inches long.

These peaceful omnivores are great community fish. So long as you put them in a tank with other peaceful fish, it’s going to be a great experience.

How Big Do Sidestripe Rasboras Get?

Sidestripe rasboras are medium-sized fish compared to other rasboras. They grow to be three and a half inches long at maturity.

Many people like these fish because they have shimmering silver bodies. Their stripes are also quite distinct.

How Fast Do Rasboras Grow?

Rasboras are known to grow fairly fast. These fish can grow faster than many other types of fish that you might be used to.

For example, harlequin rasboras can reach maturity faster than normal if fed properly and kept in an ideal environment. These fish can reach maturity in three months if all goes to plan.

So expect rasboras to grow strong if you feed them well and keep them in a clean fish tank. Focus on the water parameters and keep the fish from becoming stressed.

You can’t necessarily make rasboras grow bigger than they’re supposed to, but you can help them to grow fast and stay strong. Just meeting the basic care needs of the fish is enough.

How Long Do Rasboras Live?

Rasboras will live different amounts of time, based on the species that you’re talking about. Harlequin rasboras are known to live between five and eight years in fish tanks.

Chili rasboras have lifespans of four to eight years. Scissortail rasboras commonly live for up to five years.

Galaxy rasboras generally live between three and five years in aquariums. Lambchop rasboras have the same lifespan as galaxy rasboras.

Keep your fish alive for as long as possible by caring for them well. Keep the water quality in the tank high, and be sure to give your fish high-quality foods.

If you do your best to be a proactive fish tank owner, you can enjoy caring for rasboras for as long as possible. These are hardy fish that are easy to care for, and even beginners should be able to keep them alive for a long time.

Final Thoughts

There are many types of rasboras out there that you might be interested in. Some of them are very small and will fit in small fish tanks.

Others are larger and will reach up to six inches in length. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might gravitate toward one type of fish.

All of the fish mentioned above are great to own. Rasboras are very peaceful fish that are perfect fits for community tank setups.

You can buy these fish and enjoy watching them interact with each other, too. Remember that you can’t just keep one rasbora in a tank by itself.

Take the time to choose the types of rasboras that appeal to you the most. Some rasboras can even be kept in community tanks with other types of rasboras.

Always do your research so you’ll know what to expect. Even if you’re a beginner, these fish will be a great option for you.

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