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Simple Tips to Find Hermit Crabs At the Beach

Simple Tips to Find Hermit Crabs At the Beach

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Are you interested in finding some hermit crabs at the beach? These creatures are becoming so popular as pets these days.

You can certainly go buy hermit crabs at the store if you’d like to own some now. However, it might be more fun to find your own hermit crabs.

Many people like to peruse beach areas for hermit crabs. Generally, they can be found on rocky beaches.

If you’re going out to a beach specifically to look for hermit crabs, you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll get many important tips that will help you to find hermit crabs easily.

Taking Hermit Crabs From the Beach Might Be Illegal

Before going further, it’s important to note that local laws differ from place to place. Depending on where you live, it might be illegal to take hermit crabs from the beach.

Some places have strict conservation laws in place. This means that you might get in trouble if you’re seen capturing a hermit crab on the beach.

There might even be laws in your area that prevent you from being able to take shells home. It all depends on where you live and what the local laws say.

So it’s important to look things up before setting out. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble simply because you didn’t bother to look up the local laws.

It shouldn’t take long to get the answers that you’re seeking. Once you know whether it’s okay to take hermit crabs from the beach or not, you can move forward.

Watch the Spot Where the Water Reaches the Sand

One good method for finding hermit crabs is to watch the spot at the beach where the water meets the sand. There’s a good chance that you’ll find hermit crabs in this area when the tides are low.

When a wave reaches the sand, it might leave a few hermit crabs behind. You can then walk up and try to retrieve the hermit crab if you’re so inclined.

This is just one method of finding hermit crabs at the beach. There are other options if you’d prefer not to stick too close to the water.

Look for Rock Pools

You might notice pools of rocks along the beach. You will often find hermit crabs resting among the rocks.

Hermit crabs like to use rocks to hide and take cover. If you notice shells among the rocks, it’s wise to approach them slowly.

You just might discover that there’s a hermit crab near the rock pool. Capturing a hermit crab can sometimes be a bit tricky since it might get scared and abandon its shell.

If you approach slowly and try to cautiously capture the hermit crab, you’ll have better luck. Do your best to make slow movements so as not to startle the crab.

How to Find Hermit Crabs at the Beach at Night

It’s important to know that hermit crabs are nocturnal creatures. They try to avoid activity during the hottest and brightest hours of the day.

Finding hermit crabs during the day can make it easier to capture them. They aren’t as fast or active during this time.

However, it’s a lot harder to find them during the day. If you want to have an easy time spotting hermit crabs on the beach, it’s best to wait until nightfall.

To get the best results, hunt for hermit crabs at the beach sometime after sunset. Bring a flashlight with you to make it easier to see what you’re doing.

When you shine your light on the sand, you might see many hermit crabs moving around. Hermit crabs are social creatures, and you might find them in groups.

Sometimes hermit crabs can be found underneath rocks, too. Gently lift rocks in the area while doing your best not to startle or harm the creatures.

Hermit crabs are very good at hiding, so you’ll need to pay attention to catch them. Sometimes hermit crabs blend into the environment rather well.

Is Taking Wild Hermit Crabs Ethical?

Whether taking wild hermit crabs from the beach is ethical or not is up for debate. Many people think that you shouldn’t do this.

However, this is generally how hermit crabs wind up in pet stores. You see, hermit crabs don’t breed in captivity.

Hermit crab breeding is a process that involves beaches and water. It’s not something that can be replicated in captivity.

So the hermit crabs that you’re finding at the beach are the same types of hermit crabs that you’ll find in pet stores. Granted, some of the hermit crabs in pet stores might have come from very far away locations.

People catch hermit crabs and then sell them to pet stores in large numbers. These crabs are then bought by everyday people who wish to keep them as pets.

There are people who are against these practices, but many others also feel that hermit crabs make great pets. If you decide to buy a hermit crab or catch one, simply be sure that you’re able to care for it properly.

Caring for Hermit Crabs

You’ll need more than just a little tank to keep a hermit crab healthy in your home. These little creatures need the habitat to be humid enough.

This means you’ll need some type of humidifier to make things easy. You’ll also want to use a heater or heat lamp to keep the temperature warm enough.

Hermit crabs need sand because they need to be able to dig into the substrate. Without sand, a hermit crab won’t live for very long due to getting stressed.

Also, hermit crabs need replacement shells for when they grow larger. You’ll need to buy shells of various sizes.

There will be an investment requirement when it comes to getting the equipment that you need to care for hermit crabs. You can’t just capture a hermit crab at the beach and expect it to live in your home.

So before you go out to the beach, it’s best to consider the needs of the hermit crab. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, it isn’t wise to take the hermit crab away from its natural habitat.

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