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How Long Do Hatchetfish Live? (Lifespans for Common Types)

How Long Do Hatchetfish Live? (Lifespans for Common Types)

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Have you recently started keeping hatchetfish in your home aquarium? These little fish are pretty interesting to own.

They have unique bodies and they can be fun to take care of. It does require a bit of work to keep them in good health, but they’re not so tough to care for that beginners need to shy away from them.

As someone new to these fish, you might not know a lot about them yet. It’s always good to know more about the fish that you’re caring for.

How long do hatchetfish live on average? What can you do to help them live longer?

Keep reading to learn about this topic so you can make good choices for your fish. This should help you to have a great experience caring for your hatchetfish.

How Long Do Hatchetfish Live on Average?

The common hatchetfish is the most popular type of hatchetfish that you’ll see people purchasing for aquariums. These fish are fairly easy to care for and have decent lifespans.

With good care, a common hatchetfish can live for five years or slightly longer. It’s normal for these fish to live for at least five years.

Of course, to get them to live this long you need to focus on caring for them well. This means keeping the water parameters where they need to be and feeding the fish well.

There are some differences in the lifespans of these fish when looking at other types of hatchetfish. Continue reading to look into other hatchetfish types and how long they live.

How Long Do Marbled Hatchetfish Live?

Marbled hatchetfish seem to have slightly shorter lifespans than common hatchetfish. These fish are known to live between two and five years.

Many fish owners say that these fish often live for a little bit over two years. There are many reports of them living up to five years as well, though.

It comes down to the quality of care that these fish receive. When marbled hatchetfish are cared for well they can live longer lives.

It’s also helpful to keep these fish in appropriately-sized groups. They do best when kept in groups of six or more.

How Long Do Silver Hatchetfish Live?

Silver hatchetfish have similar lifespans to the other hatchetfish mentioned so far. However, there are some differences to note.

Typically, silver hatchetfish seem to live for around three years. They have the potential to live for around five years, though.

As usual, optimal care will allow these fish to live for as long as possible. When you feed the fish well, keep the water quality high, and keep them in groups of six or more, it’ll be easier to get the best results.

Silver hatchetfish are very popular and pretty fish. You will have a good time caring for these fish if you choose to get some.

How Long Do Giant Hatchetfish Live?

Giant hatchetfish are a lot like silver hatchetfish except they’re larger. These fish commonly exceed four and a half inches in length.

It’s said that giant hatchetfish can grow to be up to six inches long. So they are quite a bit larger than many other hatchetfish.

These are deep-sea fish that can be found in the wild. The lifespan of these fish is not 100% known at this point

Most researchers say that the common life cycle of a giant hatchetfish lasts for one year. So these are relatively short-lived fish.

In a Tank vs. in the Wild

Generally, fish are going to live longer in a fish tank setting when cared for properly. In the wild, hatchetfish have to worry about predators and have to track down food.

As a fish owner, you’re going to work to keep them safe and provide them with as much food as they need. It’s common for hatchetfish to live up to five years in a fish tank, but they might not live so long in the wild.

A fish might only live a few years in the wild. The exact amount of time the fish will survive will depend on various factors.

How to Help Fish Live Longer

To get your fish to live longer it’s important to focus on keeping the water quality high. Test the water regularly using pH balance testing kits.

If the balance is off you can adjust things to keep it in line. You also need to clean the tank regularly and do water changes periodically.

Feed the hatchetfish properly and give them high-quality food. Make sure to feed them enough without overfeeding them as too much food can lead to health issues.

You also want to keep them in groups since hatchetfish are shoaling fish. Ideally, you want to keep six of them in the tank.

Final Thoughts

Do your best to help your hatchetfish live for as long as possible. Most hatchetfish have the potential to live for five years or slightly longer.

Some of them commonly die after two or three years, but you can get better results by providing the fish with excellent care. Simply commit yourself to maintain the tank well and you should be able to enjoy these fish for many years.

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