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Can You Keep Discus in a Planted Tank? (7 of the Best Plants to Consider)

Can You Keep Discus in a Planted Tank? (7 of the Best Plants to Consider)

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Discus fish have long been considered to be among the prettiest fish that you can own. They’re gorgeous, and you’ll surely be happy with how they look in your tank if you choose to buy some.

Perhaps you’re preparing to buy discus fish for the first time. It’s wise to get ready to care for these fish by learning as much as you can about their needs.

Since these fish are slightly fragile compared to many other popular fish, it’s important to provide optimal care for them. You want to give these fish an ideal environment where they can thrive.

Can you keep discus fish in a planted tank? Do these fish like having live plants in the tank, or is it better to keep them in tanks without aquatic plants?

Continue reading to learn more. This will help you understand what you should be doing to make things as comfortable as possible for your discus fish.

Discus Fish Can Be Kept in Planted Tanks

It’s normal to keep discus fish in planted tanks. If you want your fish to be comfortable, it’s best to keep them in fish tanks that have many aquatic plants.

You might have heard that discus fish can be a bit shy. They like hiding, and they feel more comfortable in fish tanks that have several different hiding spots.

Oddly, these fish will swim around more in the tank when more hiding spots are available. It makes them feel bolder, simply knowing that they have hiding spots that they can utilize if they need to.

Of course, plants aren’t the only types of hiding spots that you can put in an aquarium. Even so, it’s good to have aquatic plants in the tank for the discus fish.

Enthusiasts say that planted aquariums are the ideal environment for discus fish. They give them the best living space that feels comfortable, and they also help with filtration.

It’d be wise to get several live plants for the fish tank. This could help your discus fish to thrive.

Do Discus Fish Need Live Plants?

No, discus fish do not need live plants to be kept in home aquariums. Many people keep these fish in bare tanks, and they do just fine.

This doesn’t mean that plants can’t be beneficial, though. It simply means that you don’t absolutely have to buy plants if you’d rather not spend money on them.

You should consider the benefits of having live plants in the tank and then decide how you want to proceed. Adding plants to the tank could make the discus fish feel more comfortable overall.

The plants will have a positive impact on the filtration of the tank as well. Also, live plants look rather beautiful and can add to the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium.

So there are many good reasons to consider buying aquatic plants for your fish tank. If you choose to buy plants for these fish, it’s simply wise to look into which ones work best for discus fish.

What Plants Are Best for Discus?

There are many types of plants that will work well in discus fish aquariums. If you want to have a good experience you should keep reading.

Below, you’ll find information about some of the most popular live plants for discus fish tanks. This will give you many options to consider.

1 – Cryptocoryne

Cryptocoryne plants are incredibly pretty, but they need to be rooted in the substrate of the fish tank. So you’ll need to pick out aquarium soil that has enough nutrients to help these plants thrive.

When you establish these plants, they will make the landscape very hardy. It’ll provide a great environment for the fish.

This is a good choice for community aquariums as well. These plants give fish hiding spots, and they are so pretty to look at.

2 – Java Ferns

Java ferns are among the most common aquatic plants that people buy for fish tanks. These plants will work well in a discus fish aquarium.

One good reason to buy these plants is that they’re easy to care for. Even beginners will have a simple time keeping these plants healthy.

They look nice, and it’s easy to find them at local aquarium stores. You will have a good experience with these plants if you buy some.

3 – Anubias Plants

Anubias plants have strong green leaves that many fish are going to love. This is another plant that will look nice in your discus fish tank if you buy it.

There are a few different varieties of anubias plants to consider as well. Some of them have smaller leaves than others.

You’ll be glad to know that this plant does well in the water parameters that are required for discus fish. To help them thrive, keep them in shaded areas of the tank or spots with low light.

4 – Dwarf Tiger Lilies

Dwarf Tiger Lilies are nice, and you might find them to be a perfect plant for a fish tank. This is a type of bulb plant that is known for growing red leaves.

The stems can grow up to the surface of the water and will grow lily pads. You’ll also see flowers sprouting.

This is a common discus fish tank plant that looks amazing overall. It’s another one that you’ll love, especially if you find the lily pad aesthetic to be pleasing.

5 – Heteranthera Plants

Heteranthera plants are a good choice as well. This plant comes from South America, and it’s attractive enough to stand out.

This plant is known for growing quickly and getting bushy fast. Side branches grow easily, and it’s a good one to buy when you want to fill out the tank with vegetation.

You do need to trim this plant a bit so the bottom leaves can get light. The maintenance is minimal, though, and it’s nothing that most fish tank owners will have a tough time with.

6 – Amazon Sword Plants

Amazon sword plants should also be considered. These plants are both broad and tall, so they work well in discus fish tanks.

It’s also great that these plants do well in high water temperatures. Discus fish need the water to stay between 82 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, so it makes sense that these plants would be ideal.

This is another common plant that won’t cost you a lot of money. It looks nice, and you’ll easily be able to make it a part of your aquarium setup.

7 – Jungle Val

Jungle Val plants are incredibly simple to grow. Even total beginners will have a simple time keeping these plants healthy.

They can grow to be up to six feet tall if you don’t trim them down to size. The plant won’t keep growing beyond the water’s surface, though.

So if you want a tall plant for your fish tank, you’ll be pleased with Jungle Val. It’s one of the simplest plants that you can buy for your discus fish aquarium.

Final Thoughts

It should be easier to choose aquatic plants for your discus fish tank now. You’ve learned about many of the best options available.

Any of the plants above will be great for discus fish aquariums. They’re all easy enough to care for, and they’re not hard to find.

You can buy these plants at local aquarium stores, in all likelihood. Otherwise, you can purchase them online and have them sent to your home.

Enjoy your time owning discus fish. Having plants in the tank should make your experience that much better.

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