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What Are The Best Plants For Platies? (10 Great Ones to Try)

What Are The Best Plants For Platies? (10 Great Ones to Try)

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Platies are among the easiest fish to keep in a tank. They’re low maintenance and thrive in almost any aquarium conditions, and they look pretty, which is a bonus!

Platies also don’t need tank makes, which makes things easier for you if you don’t want to get different species. However, they need live plants in the tank for shelter.

But what are the best plants for platies?

Fortunately, several species of aquatic plants can make them happy.

This article provides a list of the ten best plants for platies. It also tells you whether platies these plants, as well as other benefits of plants in your platies tank.

Do Platies Need Live Plants?

Yes, platies need live plants.

Live plants can mimic the fish’s natural habitat, so they make your platies feel more at home. On top of that, pilates can feed on some live plants with soft leaves.

10 Ideal Live Plants for Platies

Platies enjoy having live plants in their tank both for food and shelter. They prefer soft leaves for snacks and lush leaves for shelter.

Here are ten of the best live plants you can add to your platies’ tank:

1 – Java Fern

The Java Fern is a sturdy low maintenance plant that does more than decorate your tank. Its large leaves provide secure spots for your platies to hide and rest.

Thus, your platies may use Java Fern for giving birth and as shelters to protect the fry.

2 – Guppy Grass

This floating plant has soft leaves that most fish find edible.

Commonly known as Najas grass or water nymph, Guppy grass has thin tall leaves. Therefore, it offers an ideal hiding space for the fish fry.

3 – Cabomba

Cabomba is a colorful plant that can be planted or left to float.

Your platies will love its soft foliage. However, it’s not easy to grow; it requires special lighting. The good news is that it’s a slow grower, so you don’t need to worry about it taking over your tank.

4 – Ambulia

This beautiful plant is hardy and adaptable, so it fits into any tank.

Ambulia is an edible plant, so your platies can consume it. However, this isn’t its only benefit. The plant also adds a tropical feel to your aquarium. Luckily, it doesn’t grow very fast, so it won’t crowd your tank.

5 – Amazon Sword

With its tall wide leaves, Amazon Sword can add an aesthetic touch to your tank.

These lush leaves will make Amazon sword your platies best friend. They’re large enough to shelter even the largest platies.

6 – Java Moss

This is another edible plant that’s low maintenance and ideal for beginners.

The thin leaves of the Java Moss can be a great hiding place for your fish fry. On the flip side, it’s more suitable in a large tank as it’s a fast-growing plant that can be hard to clear.

7 – Hygrophila

This plant is extremely easy to grow, which makes it perfect for beginners.

With its thin green leaves, Hygrophila offers plenty of secure spaces. In addition, its leaves are soft enough for your platies to consume.

8 – Aponogeton

This pretty flowering plant grows lavishly with almost 40 leaves to each root.

It’ll add a colorful touch to your tank. With delicate long leaves, this plant provides both shelter and a snack to your platies.

9 – Anubias

Anubias is a flowering plant that comes in many different varieties.

This aquatic plant is ideal for platies because of its large lush foliage. It provides a great shelter for hiding and giving birth.

10 – Rotala

Rotala isn’t the most edible plant for your platies.

It has relatively hard leaves, which make it more of a hiding space. With enough care, this plant can get a reddish tint that makes it a beautiful addition to your tank.

Why Have Live Plants in a Platies’ Tank?

Generally speaking, all fish tanks can benefit from having live plants. In addition to aesthetics, here are two reasons to have live plants in your aquarium.

Improving the Water Quality

Live plants can improve the water quality in your tank by releasing oxygen and cleaning the tank of harmful chemicals.

Typically, live plants perform photosynthesis. That means they take in carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen that’s necessary for platies to breathe.

In addition, live plants naturally filter the water in the platies’ tank. They can absorb ammonia and nitrate that result from fish waste.

Providing Hiding Spaces

Your platies will enjoy having hiding spaces within their tank. Live plants can provide shelter for timid adult fish or weaker fry.

In addition, live plants can be safe spots for pregnant fish to give birth. When the fry is out to the world, live plants will be their hiding places for a while until they get used to their tank mates.

In other words, live plants can form a safe area for fish to rest, which can reduce your platies’ stress level.

Do Platies Eat Plants?

Yes and no!

In the wild, platies consume algae. Therefore, they may be attracted to plants with soft mushy leaves. However, they won’t be as interested when it comes to plants with harder leaves.

In other words, yes, platies eat plants, but no, they don’t eat all plant types.

Final Thoughts

So what are the best plants for platies?

Platies like to snack on soft leaves. Therefore, it’s ideal to add some Hygrophila, java moss, or Cabomba to your tank.

In addition, your platies look for shelter under lush leaves. That’s why you should have plants with large hard leaves, such as Anubis, Rotala, or Amazon Swords.

Live plants keep your tank clean and oxygenated. They also provide a great food source for your platies.

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